My Weekend

My Monday blog posts sometimes feel more like “what I did on my summer vacation” reports. Except shorter. What did I do this weekend? I’ll give you a quick rundown.

  • Watched The Man Who Knew Too Much. I’ve seen The Man Who Knew Too Little, and I decided it was high time I watched the original. Both very well done, and both highly recommended. And now I know how Que Sera Sera goes, so I’ve been culturfied, too. It’s from this movie, actually–Oscar winner in its year for best song. Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. Why did it take me this long to watch? No, it’s not as flashy and whiz bangy as today’s modern thrillers, but Hitchcock could sure turn on the suspense when he wanted to.
  • Finished The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan. I love this series. Great voice, lots of fun. Think American Harry Potter with Greek Gods instead of witchcraft. Good times.
  • Took a couple of much needed naps. Feeling quite a bit better now, thankfully.
  • Helped someone move out of their house.
  • Watched the kids while my wife worked.
  • Played games for the first time in months.

Anyway. Back to the grindstone for this week.

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