NCAA Bracket Challenge: Win a Vodnik Hat!

That’s right, folks. March Madness is here, and I’m doing my yearly blog challenge. I’ve set up a group on ESPN for you to sign up and make an entry. ESPN takes care of the rest. The winner at the end wins . . . a Vodnik hat! It’s like my Vodnik t-shirts, except the death dude is white on a black hat, and (alas) it doesn’t glow in the dark.

You have until Wednesday evening to enter. (Technically, Thursday before the games start, but you don’t want to wait that long, do you?) Knowledge of basketball is really unnecessary. Often, the people who know the least, win the pool.

Some come on over and sign up! It’s free! And you can be at the cutting edge of fashion statements for the next year . . .

Here’s the relevant info:

Get in the action now:

On mobile:

Group: Bryce’s Ramblings
Password: vodnik

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