Diet Update: Week 4

Hard to believe I’m already up to week 4 of this thing. And this was a week that had three big food hurdles for me. First up? Going to the university cafeteria for an all you can eat dinner.

I’m terrible at all you can eat places. Typically, I put that to the test. It’s like a challenge. “All I can eat, huh? We’ll see about that!” And I go to town. All the chocolate milk I can drink? Unlimited ice cream? Endless pizza? Bryce heaven. What’s worse is that I’m also a cheapskate, which means if I pay for something, I want to get as much out of it as possible. So I was going to go to a place and try to not only resist my natural inclination to binge, but also get less bang for my buck. On purpose.

How’d I do?

I only drank water. I had a huge salad. A tuna-melt, some stewed veggies, a cup of rice, a cookie, and some ice cream. And a piece of pizza. The good news is that it was all only 1000 calories, give or take. At least by my calculations. The bad news was that I stepped on the scale the next day and had put on .6 pounds. So I didn’t emerge unscathed.

Up next? Halusky. This is my favorite Slovak meal, and it consists of potato dumplings, feta cheese, and bacon. I can eat it by the truckload. And I had no idea how many calories was in it. So I did all sorts of work to figure that out. Weighed the uncooked potatoes and flour before they went into the dumplings. Added the eggs. Weighed the whole thing once it was done. (End result? About a calorie per gram, which is really quite reasonable.) I really watched myself like a hawk, and it went great. I even lost weight that day.

Finally, yesterday was Denisa’s birthday, and we went out to eat. I had no idea what the calorie count was of anything, so I just ate very lightly. That was yesterday, and it turned out I did great.

So I’m feeling quite good about how I did this week.

Current weight, as of this morning? 206. (Though I did weigh myself a bit late. I slept in. So that might mean it’s a bit low for where I really am.) It also means that I’ve now lost 8 pounds–1.8 this week. Fantastic!

It’s great to see that total keep getting higher. In other “good news” departments, the rest of the family got sick this week. Okay–that’s bad news. But the good news is that I haven’t gotten sick myself. Yet. We’ll see if I succumb eventually. I’m still feeling quite good, and doing a fairly good job of exercising each day, as well. So . . . yay!

We’ll see how this week goes. Thanks for the support, all!

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