New Year

Time for a new year’s post, I suppose. I’m back from vacation in Pennsylvania, which was nice, even if all of us got sick for most of the time we were gone. I came home yesterday to find a monster heating bill (heating oil=bad) and the dishwasher leaking. Not as bad as my sister, who came home to a flooded basement, but still–who said that one person’s troubles have to be compared to others’? It still was a not nice surprise.

For my writing time recently I’ve been reading a book on characterization by Orson Scott Card, as well as Dave Wolverton’s daily writing tips that he emails out. Both have been highly helpful, and I’m really excited to get into plotting this next book soon here. This time, I’m really trying to take my time and do some things differently. I feel like my plotting and characterization has gotten sloppy, and I need to tune those up. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m also going to (try to) do better at posting entries in this blog more frequently. Life is settling down enough at this point that I should be able to. Of course, baby #2 comes at the beginning of February, so maybe that will upset the balance again. Such is life. It’s good to have goals anyway, though. Right?

Here’s hoping you and yours had a happy holidays, and that your new year looks bright and shiny and relatively leak free.

8 thoughts on “New Year”

  1. Exciting! Yes, that’s the most recent. It should be named Ichabod 2.0. Glad to hear your wedding was a success, by the way! I remember how crazy all that time can be, and I only eloped. I can’t imagine living through the whole thing with a reception and all. Shudder.

  2. Seriously. I’ll be blogging about it all, a little at a time. Theoretically anyway. The short of it is that the wedding went beautifully, which almost makes me forget how horrible the preparation last semester was. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Man, you and G both had crappy holiday suprises. Our dishwasher leaks, but it’s out of the door, which is probably not your problem….
    And now I just throw a rag down there to catch it when it goes.
    Good luck.

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