Officially 31

That’s right. I’m almost through with 31 years of life. Better yet, I’m not feeling like I’m in agony any time I move anymore. You might have noticed I disappeared from the face of the earth last week–my flu or whatever it was returned with a vengeance. For four days, all my muscles felt like someone was trying to stab them with daggers anytime I moved. Now they’re all just really tired. Tired enough that typing this isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. (I’m going to keep this short because of that.) I’ve been to the hospital and had tests done now, though–and apparently I’m normal. Not sure if this was H1N1 or not, but it was crappy regardless. Glad it’s over.


I’m going to give my fingers a rest now. Just wanted to drop in and say hi, thank you all for the birthday wishes, and wish you all a happy autumn. Summer’s over. YAY!!!!!

Now I just need to finish fixing my siding, repairing my chimney and getting my new wood stove, and life can go on.


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