On the Power of Great Reviews

I got another super review for VODNIK today–nothing quite captures the feeling you get as an author when someone reads your work and sincerely likes it. Especially if that someone is a stranger who has no real incentive to like your work more than any other. (Not saying I don’t appreciate reviews from friends and relations–I do! But how can I be sure you people are actually telling me what you think, and not what you think I want to hear?)

In any case, this one had some great blurbs. The final statement is probably the best: “Need something light and Steelheart-y? Vodník is your go to book!”

(And coincidentally, VODNIK is still on sale for the Kindle until the end of the month. Only $1.99)

But really, I just wanted to reiterate how important word of mouth reviews are these days to the success of novels–particularly books that don’t get put out by the big presses with a huge advertising budget. The only way people are going to notice a book like VODNIK is if people who read it and liked it mention it to others and encourage them to read it.

This isn’t a plea for you to go out and review my book. At this point in time, two years after the book’s release, I assume that the faithful blog readers of mine who wanted to review the book on Goodreads or Amazon have already gone and done that. (To you who have, a very deep sincere thank you. I’ve read them all and really appreciated them.) No–I just wanted to encourage all of you to be active proponents of reading. If you read a book you like, tell other people about it. Review it on Goodreads. Post about it on Facebook. For one thing, you’ll look like a cool, suave, sophisticated person, and who doesn’t want that?

But you’ll also help boost the signal for books that other people might not otherwise come across?

If you didn’t enjoy the book, feel free to review it anyway. Be honest about what you thought about it–not vindictive. Someone else might read why you didn’t like the book and think it sounds really intriguing to them. Some folks like chocolate, and some like vanilla.

(I know some authors refuse to read reviews. I’m not one of those authors. I can’t stay away from them. Maybe after I read enough, I’ll stop caring as much. But I really do like hearing what worked in a book and what didn’t. I review other books, and I review movies. It’s all part of the process to me.)

Anyway. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Go out there and review something–now!

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