First of all, sorry I spaced it yesterday and forgot to post to my blog.  I’m atoning for that by posting on a weekend–aren’t I nice?  I’ve been sort of analyzing my outlook on life, and I think I need to be more positive.  I need to enjoy successes I have, no matter how small.  I think right now, I’m stuck in a “stressed out” frame of mind.  In other words, I’ll stress about doing something or getting something, and then when it’s done or gotten, I’ll immediately start stressing about what I’m going to do next.  I don’t take time to enjoy having something accomplished.  There’s always going to be a reason to be stressed.  There’s always going to be something else that needs doing.  But if you never take time to celebrate accomplishment, you’re always going to feel overworked, overburdened–over-whatevered.  Sometimes I think so much of life is just a mindset–how you choose to feel about things.  I’d really like to choose to be less stressed about things that aren’t in my control.  Unfortunately, it’s one thing to want that, and another thing to actually do it.  But I’m going to try, and that’s something right there, isn’t it?  Anyway–time to get to work on some writing.  Till next week!

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