Payment for Vodnik (and a Word from My Sponsors)

Neckline Slimmer, As Seen On TV Official Version -- the World's First Resistance Toning System for the Neck, Chin and FaceGuess what I got in the mail today? That’s right! An actual, real, printed check, worth actual real money. (I assume–I haven’t actually, really cashed it yet.) It’s one thing to be working with a bunch of imaginary amounts and figures in your head, but when you see a real, tangible check, it somehow seems like a lot more–at least when you’re a librarian. (We’re not exactly movie stars and sports heroes, you know.) So while I won’t be going out to the Mercedes dealer just yet, I’m already looking at some potential Things To Do With The Money. What I really wanted to do was take a trip to Slovakia to do some research for the next book (assuming I get to write one). However, airfare to Europe is a beast right now, and I’m no longer sure I can swing Denisa, me and the kids all going. Then again, Denisa’s going in for a dentist appointment on Thursday, and we all remember what happened last time that happened. If it comes down to paying $4000 to a dentist or paying $5000 to take the fam to Slovakia AND fix the teeth, then my decision is pretty much made up. However, if I don’t get to spend some of my Vodnik money on airfare, then I’m also looking at starting on a home office for yours truly. It’ll be a multi-step project, with step one being the construction of a new set of stairs heading from the main part of my house up into the attic above our garage. From there, I’d be creating this enormous master bedroom/office loft area, complete with skylights, dormers and lasers (because everything’s better with lasers).

Or maybe I’ll just go out and buy a whole lotta pudding. Chocolate pudding never goes out of style, right?

Anyway–excitement all around here.

And while I’m discussing all these exciting financial matters, you’re no doubt wondering what YOU can do to contribute to my ever-growing success. That’s the ads to the right of this post and beneath it? (If you have ad blocking software on your browser, you’ll have to turn it off to be able to see it.) If you click them, I get money. Click a text one, and we’re only talking about a few cents. Click an actual picture, and we’re talking anywhere from a whole shiny quarter to a dollar or two. Now, I’m not saying you should start clicking just to pay me money. That would be click fraud. But if you saw something that caught your eye once in a while and clicked a picture to check it out . . . I wouldn’t say no to that.

And then there’s Amazon. Remember: if you’re going to buy something from Amazon, just come to my site first. Use the search box on the right, and then shop at Amazon as normal. I’ll get a percent of everything you buy that trip. I won’t know it was you who bought it, but I’ll be very grateful. Again–I’m not saying to buy something you wouldn’t be buying anyway. I’m just saying that if you’re going to use Amazon, why not stop by here on your way. Then, instead of those Greedy Fat Cats getting all your money, THIS greedy fat cat will get some, too. And if any of you out there have something like this set up with Amazon, let me know. I can’t use my own Amazon search box, so I’ll gladly use yours, instead.

Ain’t advertising great?

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