Photo Editing Goodness

Enough with the serious, boring posts. For all you faithful readers, I want to tell you about a cool new thing Adobe just started. It’s called Photoshop Express, and it allows you to use the basic functions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for free online. Now, before you get too excited, I’ll say that now that I’ve used it for a bit, it seems to be a bit slow at times. Some of this might be because I’m used to the real Photoshop, so I get impatient. Also, you can’t do snazzy things like layers, but if all you’re looking for is basic photo editing–and you have a good internet connection–then this is for you. Also, Adobe’s thrown in 2GB of free photohosting, which is never something to sneeze at. Check it out. See if it works for you.

It’s snowing today. Little itty bitty flakes that get in your eyes and make you glad you have eyelashes. Maybe that’s why they invented mascara. Maybe it’s an Eskimo or Siberian creation that gives you superhuman snow filtering capabilities.


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