Refinancing Extravaganza

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve not only been trying to catch up with all my work this week, but I’ve also been trying to refinance my mortgage. That’s applied for now, and if it goes through, my rate goes down 1.375%, which would please me greatly, and would make all this effort very worthwhile. If, of course, that doesn’t go through, I shall be bitter. Which happens more than I’d like, these days. This whole economy thing stinks, plain and simple.

Which is why it’s good I have Netflix. Watched Cloverfield last night, and I was really impressed. If you can get through the first third, which is a whole lot of shaky cam that tries to ground the story in the “real” as much as possible, then you’ll be totally set for a great last two thirds of the movie. I really enjoyed how they took the Godzilla standard movie and brought it into the everyday life. How would it affect people? Sure, they use some gimmicks, and the shaky cam footage can get a tad old, but it was well worth it, nonetheless. 3 and a half stars. You really ought to check it out. Was much scarier than I anticipated it being, too. A tad Blair Witchy, but I liked it more than Blair Witch (which wouldn’t be too hard–that wasn’t one of my favorite movies).

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  1. TD Banknorth. Rates are down to 5.25% as of yesterday. Depends on what your rate is currently, but that’s a pretty darn low rate right there. Some of the other local banks have rates about that low. Look into it or call me, if you want more info.

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