School’s Out for Summer (for Denisa, at least)

Not like it’s really summer yet or anything, but Denisa’s class finished yesterday, so it feels kind of like that now. Way back in January (when we were given all of two weeks’ notice) when she decided to teach the course, it seemed like it would be nothing but a good thing, although we realized we’d be busier over the semester because of it.

How has it turned out to be?

A good thing, but even busier than we thought it would be. Having both the dad and the mom work in a family certainly makes for a more hectic life, but at the same time, it comes in really handy when you get those surprise bills that pop up from time to time.

In practice, it meant that I came home early from work twice a week, and so I worked at other times to balance that out–so neither a net gain or loss on work for me, just a shift in time. For Denisa, it was a lot of late nights reading the homework before it became due for class, always staying a chapter or two ahead of the students. If she ever gets to teach the course again, it’ll be much easier–but when you’re scrambling at the last minute like she had to, it makes it all much more complex.

Especially since we didn’t really cut anything else out of our lives for the past five months. She kept baking, I kept writing, and she even added in the duties of being Primary President to her schedule.

The good news is that now that it’s over, it feels like we’ll have tons of time again. Of course, I’m sure that will last all of two weeks until we manage to fill up the schedule once more. After all, summer is coming, and that means swim lessons, a trip to Utah, gardening, and yard work. And bugs. Mustn’t forget the bugs. Or the heat. Or the humidity.

Summer is my least favorite season.

But for now, we celebrate the end of a successful semester. Huzzah!

And with that, I’m off to Bangor for the day. Library meetings. Excitement incarnate. See you all Monday!

How did I go all this time without realizing that’s *Demi Moore* co-starring with John Cusak in One Crazy Summer? Man. I disappoint myself sometimes.

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