Self-Taught AV Specialist

I never was taught how to hook up advanced audio/visual equipment. Like most things, I looked it all up online and taught myself. Running speaker wire, determining which outputs go where, switching between inputs, programming remotes. I never thought I’d use the skill too often, but it turns out I use it far more than I thought I would.

Like last night, when I had to suddenly switch out an A/V receiver–the second job like that I’ve done in a year. When all you’re dealing with is a TV, a DVD player, and a cable box, it’s not too bad, but when you’ve got a 7.1 surround sound system that needs calibrating, three networked devices, five A/V devices, etc. . . . It can become Not Fun.

But it’s done now, and I’m off to Augusta today for a library meeting. So you’re without an extensive post by yours truly. The time I wanted to write the post got sucked up by my A/V system. Blame it.

See you all tomorrow.

**Bonus points if you get the connection between the post topic and the movie pic for today. It’s a tad more obscure. And no, I don’t mean that A/V equipment is futuristic, or old, or anything like that.

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