Sick Squared

Of course, once I’m sick AND my wife is sick, then we’re just talking about a whole lotta no fun. Nothing really serious–headaches, mild fevers, sore throats–but still. Crummy. I’ll be brief today. Finally got around to watching Chicken Little last night with the family. (Being sick’s a great excuse to watch more movies and do less Wii Fit). It’s a Disney movie, and I had hopes for it. They weren’t high hopes, but they were definitely hopes. Even so, I was disappointed. The movie was just misdirected from start to finish. The plot didn’t gel together, I didn’t care about any of the characters, their development arcs were way off . . . and it just didn’t come together as a movie ought to. It felt more like two or three unrelated ideas that had been slapped together with a bit of tape and called good. You can miss this one. One and a half stars.

And now, I’m off to have a weekend and work on feeling better.

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