Ski School for TRC

Bode Miller Alpine SkiingTRC started ski school yesterday. He gets something like 10 two hour classes for around 90 bucks, which I consider a steal. Of course, this is also our first experience with the infamous Cart Your Kid Places syndrome, which turns parents (typically mothers) into taxicabs for the next 12 years of their lives. Denisa had quite the time getting the skis into the car, getting the kids dressed for sub zero wind chills, picking TRC up from school and making it to the hill in time. But she managed to pull it all off, because she’s good like that.

How did it go?

From what I heard, very well. TRC has been looking forward to this for months. He came home last night and I asked him how it was. “Good.” Monosyllabic answers, for the win. He opened up a bit more about it later–he did have a good time. There are only five kids in his class, so I think he should get plenty of practice in. Meanwhile, Denisa is giving DC ski lessons, too. We borrowed some kids skis from some friends, and Denisa picked up boots back at the school used ski sale. Right now DC is learning how to keep her skis together while Denisa pulls her around, and she already wants to go up the tow rope or the T bar. (I think she thinks it’ll be sort of like the rides at Disney World.) At her age (not even 3 yet), the main point is to make sure she has a good time. If things go well,  maybe next year all four of us can go out skiing regularly.

Anyone else out there teaching their kidlets to ski? For some reason I don’t recall knowing that many people teaching their kids when I was in Utah, but that might well have to do with the fact that we weren’t that far along in our child rearing years. It also helps that it’s significantly cheaper here. From what Denisa said, there were quite a few kids out on the slopes for lessons yesterday. When you get as much snow as we (usually) do, you might as well learn how to play in it, or winter’s going to be awfully long each year . . .

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  1. I’m mulling over having Drew take Conner during our mid winter break…
    but it’s different here it’s far away and super expensive. I’m sure it’d be 90 bucks just for one day for us. If not more. 🙂
    Sounds fun though!

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