Skiing at Saddleback

Better Off DeadTook a break from editing today to drive up to Saddleback and go skiing. TRC has been taking ski lessons, and I’d say he’s pretty much better than me by now. (Not that that would be terribly difficult). Denisa has been teaching DC, and by the end of today she was skiing with the help of a harness. (DC was–not Denisa.) DC thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and she was clearly very proud of herself–even singing as she skied. (The tune to Elmo’s World. I have no idea what the connection there was in her head.)

In any case, there were only a few spills (one scary one when TRC and I fell down getting off a lift. I thought for sure he’d broken something for a bit there, but he got over it. Thank goodness). Saddleback has some fun little moguls and trick areas on the easy slopes, and TRC had a great time going off those. It’s been about two years since I went skiing, and it was a blast to do it again. Now that our kids are getting bigger, I’m hoping we’ll be able to go as a family more regularly, especially since it’s so inexpensive up here in our neck of the woods. We paid $58 total for this trip today. For Denisa and me to go to the movies and dinner and get a sitter, we’d pay about the same. Very nice. It helps that we all have our own skis, and that kids 6 and under ski free at Saddleback.

Anyway–I’m home now, and the time has come to go back to the edit. Cut an entire chapter this morning. Thwack. Whole thing. Gone. Saving it for the extended edition. 🙂

Happy Thursday, everybody!

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