Last night the weather people said we would get 1-2 inches of snow here. We got eight. Sometimes I wonder . . . if weather people can’t get it right for the same evening, how is it that all the global warming stuff is ironclad for the next century? Not that I’m saying they’re wrong or anything. I’m not a scientist. But still . . .

Computer’s fixed. (Cost: free. I love being able to do it myself.)

Washing machine’s fixed. (Cost: $90 for a plumber to come out and use a hair dryer to thaw the pipe down there. Next time, I’m doing that myself first. Live and learn.)

Going to the dentist today to get planing and root scaling done. And I have to pay to do this? At least insurance is covering 80%.

This all leads me to a conclusion. From now on, people should only have to pay for things that are pleasant and enjoyable. Fun, or your money back. My bank account would rejoice.

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    Send me your current address to my gmail account (, and I’ll add you to my Christmas card list. And I’m glad to find another use for my hair dryer.
    Happy Holidays!

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