Snow Blowers

Woke up this morning to a whole boat load of snow outside. Probably 15 inches most places, with drifts over two feet. Oh–and school wasn’t delayed. (Don’t get me started on that–you’ll be hearing me grumbling for the next two years.) Last year, I don’t think my snow solution (plowing with a lawn tractor) could have handled that. This year, the ol’ snow blower went to work. That thing’s a monster–I finished the job in less than half an hour. Very pleased with it. Of course, when all the snow’s blowing back in your face in 40 mph winds, and the temperature’s around 0, “very pleased” is a relative term. But I wasn’t cursing the snow blower. No–just the people who decided to not at least give me a delayed start to the day.

But I’m not going to grumble about that anymore.

Watched BYU lose to Arizona State in basketball and Arizona in football over the weekend. Don’t get me started on that, either.

In the “good news” category, I had a very pleasant and productive weekend. Thanks for wondering.

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