Spring is in the Air

Beautiful day out today. Had a lovely weekend. To lift my spirits after the rejection of last week, I broke out a new computer game. Bioshock. Talk about an intense game. It taught me that there are worse things in life than having someone not like your book. For example, you might be involved in a plane crash in the 1950s and then find yourself in an underwater dystopian society where people with knives and scissors are trying to kill you. My life isn’t nearly that bad. 🙂

Also finished a fun book: Somebody Owes Me Money. A nice first person thriller/mystery where an average guy discovers himself in the middle of a very above average plot. Good times.

As for writing, I’m now in the process of looking at publishers to send Ichabod. That’ll take some time, as well as getting the submission packets ready. After that, I’m not sure what I’ll work on. I was talking to my friend Brandon Sanderson over the weekend, and he pointed out something I’d never really thought of before: if/when I sell Ichabod, the publisher who buys it is going to expect me to write more books like it. Build a career and all that. Now, up to this point, I’ve just been writing whatever my little heart felt like. I’d done quite a bit of YA, so I decided to mix it up with some adult. But if I had to chose, I’d write YA any day of the week. I enjoy it more. Ichabod was something I wrote because I wanted to read something like that. I’m not sure how much more of stuff like Ichabod I’ve got in me. Is this making sense? So the bottom line is that I’ve decided I need to be more picky when it comes to what I decide to write. You know. Because I might have to write some more of it someday.

2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air”

  1. Well, you have to understand that when I say “spring,” I mean it barely got to 50. Of course, this felt so balmy that I was considering not wearing a coat. This past Friday we got three or four inches of snow. But it’s wussy April snow, and it didn’t have the bitter, angry tendency of February snow to stick around and not leave for months. I can actually see some of my lawn now. Most of it’s still under a few inches of the bitter snow, but still–anything’s nice.
    What am I saying? The weather’s beautiful here. You and Brandon should move here. You’d be able to get a beautiful house with lots of property for Limebaby to run around on. Maine. It’s Vacationland, you know.

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