The Advantages of a Later Time Zone

One thing that being back in Utah has reminded me of is how there are some definite perks to living a few hours behind the East Coast. Sure, while you’re in the East, there are benefits, as well–you get to see live events when they’re actually happening, as opposed to having them on tape delay. You have a head start on the rest of the country, and that’s all fine and good . . .

Unless you don’t really want a head start.

I’ve been enjoying being able to sleep through the boring part of the news cycle. Let the rest of the country worry about getting things up and running. By the time I wake up (still at 7am–jet lag won’t let me sleep later yet), all of my news sites are fully online and I can check out what’s happening with no need to wait or deal with fluff until the good stuff comes out.

And how about sports? Fantastic. Did you know the World Cup comes on two hours earlier in the day here? 10am start time is a much better time than noon, especially when you’re on vacation.

Actually, come to think of it, maybe I’m conflating “time zone” with “being on vacation.” I might have to think that through some more.

In the mean time, the vacation’s going well. Ate some good Mexican food yesterday (with all you can drink Horchata, limeade, strawberry lemonade, and more), visited with old friends, and even got some writing done. On today’s agenda? A trip to wander around BYU, with maybe some world cup watching peppered in there somewhere.

Not bad, friends. Not bad at all.

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