The End of Kindergarten and the Beginning of Summer

One Crazy SummerIt’s official: TRC is done with Kindergarten, and summer has begun. Hard to believe he’s already through with school. It seems like just a bit ago that I was waiting for the bus with him outside. (Read my thoughts then here.) Now he’s an old pro at everything. Back then, he couldn’t read. Now he’s breezing through chapter books and middle grade books pretty easily. How is it possible for one little guy to change so much in just a few months?

To replace Kindergarten, we signed him up for swimming lessons, which kicked off yesterday. He’s in level 2 now, and very proud of himself. (Seriously, the kid has a very healthy self image. Too healthy, perhaps–especially when he starts bragging how much smarter he is than everyone else, etc. We’re working on that.) DC gets in on the action as well. She’s too young to take swimming lessons, but she splashes around in the pool for the free swim after the lessons are over. Our town offers free lessons to kids, and the pool is free, too. Of course, it’s just a small pool–not much more than a few feet deep–but still, it’s a great thing, and the kids all love it. I really like being in a place where I can walk over to the town pool after work and see a bunch of people I know, all out playing with their families. Every now and then, I see something I really like about summer, and I think about changing my mind about the season.

Then it gets hot, and I remember where my dislike comes from. Maybe I should move to Greenland . . .

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