The End of Lost

Six years after it began, the end of Lost finally rolled around. I watched it down in Orlando, after having gone to Cocoa Beach during the day. (I thought that a fitting way to celebrate the end of the beach-centered show.) What did I think about it?

I loved it. I honestly don’t believe they could have done a better job with the ending. It answered many questions, leaving others open to interpretation–just as a show like Lost should have done. (There are people still whining about not getting enough answers, but I think they wouldn’t be satisfied unless the finale had been a Powerpoint presentation running down all the different answers one by one.) To those of you complaining, you only have to look to another of JJ Abrams’ shows to see what could have been–Alias was an awesome show for the first three seasons or so. Then they started giving answers to mysteries, and those answers sucked. Lost could have totally dropped the ball at the end, but it didn’t just not drop the ball, it made a beauty of touchdown.


There’s not much else I want to say, and I’m going to avoid talk about most of it, but I wanted to add that one of the things that got me thinking quite a bit was Lost’s version of the afterlife. I found some parallels to Mormon theology, and I’m imagining that if I were grounded in a different religion, I would have found parallels to that theology, as well. My hats off to the producers and writers for making it so inclusive.

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