The Promised Medieval Pictures

The Tudors: The Final Season
As promised, I have a slew of professional-quality pictures of the fam in full medieval regalia. Denisa and I have taken pics dressed up at Trencin Castle every time we’ve been there. (It helps that her brother is a member of Wagus, a group that does historical reenactments and battles at the castle–they’re awesomely incredible. So there’s always a wealth of costumes to choose from, and I’m a close fit with my brother-in-law–I’m just missing about 100 pounds of muscle. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes–always costumes available.)

This time while we were at the castle taking my author pics (thanks BTW to all who have commented and made suggestions thus far. I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit. Mainly choosing between two or three at this point. I want to think about it some more before I make my final call, though.), the photographer wanted us to wait for a while until the sun was in a more convenient spot. We’d planned on taking the dress up pictures, anyway, so we thought we’d just do that then. And since he was there, anyway, and it was something interesting to shoot, he took pictures of us for free. (Truly, the man in a scholar and a gentleman.)
I’ve got 60 or 70 to choose from now. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are 19. First comes DC:

Then TRC:



And various family pics:

I have no idea why I enjoy these pictures so much, but I do. It’s probably the rapier.

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  1. Love, love, love these. That last one of DC is priceless – I hope you enlarge and frame that one. Also, you look quite dashing in your garb – channeling a Branagh essence for me. And DKC is amazingly lovely, as always. TRC does the best at being in character, I think – these are fantastic, did I mention that??

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