The Requisite First Day of School Post

It’s true. That time of year has come again. School’s started up, and my two school-aged kids are off learning who knows what. 🙂 They were both very excited to be starting a new school year. TRC is in fourth grade, which means he’s at a whole new building. Exciting times. And DC is now in Kindergarten–full day, every day.

It was fun listening to TRC advise DC about the tips and tricks he’d learned for how to handle Kindergarten. About how it really wasn’t hard at all, and how they pretty much just let you play the whole time. “Not like in Fourth Grade, where we have to work.”

Those slave drivers in Fourth Grade. You have to watch out for them.

Very pleased my kids look forward to school still, and I wonder how long that will last. TRC hasn’t really been pushed or stretched beyond his abilities just yet. Will this year be the year? No clue. He’ll be doing violin, which will be a new experience. Not that I want him stressing out too much over school, but I also tend to think that he’s developing a tendency to coast through things and not push himself, just because he can.

Then again, I distinctly remember doing the same thing, all the way through . . . college? So maybe there goes my leg to stand on. That said, I was very good at learning what the minimum I had to do was to get an A. And isn’t that what school  is all about? 🙂

In any case, it’ll be an adventure. DC has the same Kindergarten teacher TRC had, and Denisa and I are very happy about that. She’s super, and DC had already heard tons of good things about her. So yay for that.

Here’s to another exciting school year!


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