Thoughts on Working Evenings

A late post today. I’m still at the library–working the night shift. That means I was here from 2:30, and I’ll be here until 11. It’s been quite a while since I worked this late, and it’s bringing back some old memories. I remember the days of working in the Periodicals department at BYU’s library. They’d play the Sleeping Beauty Waltz at closing time, followed by When the Saints Go Marching In. Part of me really likes working at night. I’m more of a night person in general, and I like having all that time in the morning to do whatever I want. Of course, working in the morning is good, too–usually by the time I’m totally with it, part of the work day’s already over. 🙂 Today, I’m fairly tired, mainly because I was working on my house all morning. That’s right–after weeks of sickness, I was finally well enough to do some light labor. It went well enough, work-wise. Money-wise . . . that’s a different story. It turns out that a lot of the fascia (the boards up by the roof line) are rotten as well, and they need to be replaced. The cost for the materials isn’t too bad (like $600), but of course that also adds labor time, as well–which can add up.

I just have to keep reminding myself how good this will all look once it’s all finished.

Anyway–break is over. Back to work.

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