A General Update on My Life

Had a friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while email me the other day, and I finally got around to replying with a general update on what my family and me have been up to recently. I figured I’d put it up here for you all to read, as well–because sometimes I think it’s nice just to get a general overview, and this blog can get bogged down in specifics (and movie reviews) from time to time. Anyway–here you go:

I’m happy to report that Bryce-topia is chugging along just fine. TRC is 5 now (and proud of that fact). He loves Kindergarten (well, truth be told, I think he loves the bus ride most of all), and he’s reading up a storm. DC is approaching 20 months, and she’s also doing well. She’s a tank–very solid, and really tall. Stubborn as all get out.

DKC has been picking up all manner of skills, from perfecting her knitting to gardening to basket weaving teaching to butter making to lawn mowing (sometimes) to who-knows-what-next. I think she’s prepping for a reality show that she’s enrolled us in secretly.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my job as a librarian. It can get kind of hectic at times (especially now, when we’re down a position), but in the end, it’s still just a library. No one will die because of something I do or don’t do, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m still writing in my free time, but have yet to publish anything other than alpaca fantasy novels.

We love Maine–the people are all very independent and go-getters. We’ve been canoeing, snow shoeing, hiking, skiing, ice skating, blueberry/strawberry picking and maple syrup(ing?). DKC has devoted a fair part of our land to a garden, and we’ve been steadily working away at our 1830s farmhouse, getting it up to snuff. (Current problems: a cracked chimney and old siding on the barn. Oh–and a lack of funding. Always that.) The weather is fantastic right now–the leaves are turning, the air is brisk but not too cold, and I no longer have to mow the lawn twice a week. (That’s a definite plus.)

That’s all that’s relevant from the email. If I haven’t heard from you lately, and you’d like to give me an update on your life, leave a comment or drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you, too.

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