Three Year Old Poetry

No–it’s not poetry that I wrote three years ago.  It’s a book/poem that my three year old son just came up with.  He took out our Goodnight Moon book and brought it over to one of his stuffed animals (named Cheetah), and told him that he was going to read him the book, which he said was called “Who Burped in Your Ears?”  I typed down what he read as he said it, and I think it makes for great poetry.  Ready?

Who burped in your ears?
Find me who burped in your ears, cheetah.
Here’s who burped in your ears.
Find me three mazzos in a chairs, three cows jumping on the moon.
Find me who burped in your ears.
Who lives in there?
Who lives there?

What do you think?  (Oh–and by the way, mazzo is the Slovak word for “bear”.  Actually, it’s spelled maco, but I figured people wouldn’t be able to read that as easily.)

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