You’d think that without having writing group tonight, I would have found time to blog.  Instead, I played War of the Ring again.  Still an awesome game, even if I lost.

One thing that I thought of today was how strange writing can be.  Before I did my 2,000 words of writing/revision today, I was totally not wanting to do it.  I felt like my story was a failure, and that none of it was working.  Forcing myself to write was really hard.  Then, when I finally did it, my whole mood changed.  I was very pleased with the section I wrote, and I felt much more upbeat–not just about writing, but about life in general.  It’s just strange that this hobby of mine can have such an effect on my mood.  If it goes well, I feel great.  If it doesn’t, I have to struggle to concentrate or really feel happy sometimes.


Anyway, the rewrite continues.  I have about a quarter of the second draft done.  Go me.

2 thoughts on “Time”

  1. It’s very similar with me. When I write, I feel better for the whole day. Even if I what I wrote totally sucked, I feel better than on non-writing days. You’d think I’d get a clue and write more often as if it were a pill I could take to make things go better.

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