Tomas Update: Week 24 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci! It’s been a really good week out here in žilina as usual, so I’ll fill you all in on what’s up.

Tuesday we got out into the woods to film a video and also taught our English class, which as our responsibility this week as the Ottos were gone to Germany to visit the temple. That went way better than expected so I’m glad we didn’t mess it up too bad. There were some very questionable drawings of a “dog” that confused everyone when playing pictionary but aside from that it went well!

Wednesday was a killer day, the zone leaders were over for exchanges and I headed out with elder Wagner for the day. We had a bunch of really good conversations, one guy we only saw his head because he talked to us over his fence for 15min, and we got invited to play volleyball sometime by another guy. Then to finish off the day we had a lesson with one of our friends (the guy from the bus stop if anyone remembers) and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! I mean I say accepted but he pretty much asked us. He is a wonderful man and is so sensitive to the spirit, and it’s been incredible to see his journey this transfer. Also, it’s opened my eyes more to the prejudice that Roma face here in Slovakia at the very least, he was so surprised to hear we weren’t judging him for the color of his skin. That was kind of sad to hear, everything is so against them here.

Thursday was cool and also not particularly special in any way I can remember, just a decent day. 

Friday we bailed on English to head out to a little dedina (village) called Stará Bystrica to visit a man that the sisters had taught over the phone before us. It was a weird meeting. He put us on challenge mode because the longer we were there the more drunk he got and we just didn’t really get anywhere. That was strange and I don’t think we will be back anytime soon although he promised he’d read the Book of Mormon. Anyways after that we were just feeling weird and the buses were strange so we headed outside back home for a bit and then finished off the day. It was strange. Also he said the cops would arrest him if they saw him sooooo

Saturday was a good day, that morning we went and cleaned out some DISGUSTING barrels of old food at the farm we go to weekly, they smelled SO BAD. But it was kinda fun too. The dogs were there as usual although they were pretty into the whole rotting food thing so that was definitely weird. We also stacked some wood, missed our bus, and finished off the barrels. There were like 40 of them, it was bad. But we were happy to serve our guy Igor out there, he’s cool. And the birds that hang out there are like purple and blue and stuff.

Sunday was good too! We had 2 more people at church, and a nice discussion for our 2nd hour. Got a lot of work done on our ad for Facebook and checked in with everyone we had to.

Monday was also pretty laid back, the sisters have to save money to go to Prague 3 times this pay period… We pretty much just played 2 games of Catan (Wagner won the first, I took the 2nd) and shopped at Kaufland for once. Nothing crazy, although we do only have one more normal pday this transfer.

Okay, that’s about it. Photos as usual

Hope you’re all well, tearing it up on the track, and enjoying the pretty spring weather. 

S láskou, 

Starší Cundick 

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