Tomas Update: Week 9 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! I did it, two in a row. Hopefully this makes for a pattern. 

Here’s what happened this week:

Tuesday we didn’t do a ton except have two lessons fall through , so a lot of finding that day. Not a whole.ton to say as it wasn’t super successful as usual, but at least both of our bails were nothing personal so it’s okay. 

Wednesday we had a great lesson with our boy Kevin and then had our English class, where our student Sylvia told us all about how she got abducted by aliens one time because she thought about em too much. Hard to keep a straight face there but she is hilarious and was also 100% serious so we kinda had to nod and agree. She also have us advice on who to marry, which I shall not repeat here. She’s definitely old. 

Thursday was a fun one, we went and mowed my grandmother’s lawn and split a bunch of wood for my uncle Miloš. Then Miloš showed us some of his arrowheads, and made one in front of us along with two nails in like 5 minutes total (for the nails). Apparently to be a successful blacksmith in days of yore you had to be able to make two nails a minute so he “is not fast enough.” I thought it was pretty cool and so did Goodare, also he let us keep the nails so that was really cool. And Babka fed us GOOD as well, very good day. 

Friday we headed to Žilina for our last district council of the transfer, it went very well and it’s been a good transfer with everyone. Big changes coming up but I’ll explain more on Saturday. The rest of Friday we spent a bit in Žilina to try and hit the streets 3x as hard, which went well and it was nice to be back in my first area. Then we headed home and studied up for the rest of the day. 

Saturday we had another great lesson with Kevin, he is so caring about others and really truly wants to help them. It’s been wonderful to see. Besides that we also had the transfer call! Both Goodare and I remain in Trenčín (let’s gooooo) and then Wagner is outta here all the way to Liberec which is quite a ways. The rest of the day we also spent running around to the only place to print pictures open on a Saturday at the mall clear on the other side of town because we put together a photo book for Sister Bowers as she is outta here and finishing her mission this Thursday. That was fun, if a little stressful. 

Sunday went well, a good church meeting and then we helped the Valničkovci change a tire and had lunch with the Václavoci (sviečková which was super super good) and talked for a while. Then we made our way back home and studied up for the day, made indian food, and that’s about it. A nice chill day. 

Monday we got up and headed out to Bojnice, a castle that was built a lot later than most in a VERY ornate fashion.  It’s gorgeous, but was definitely not built for war at all. Very flashy and reminded me more of like France or Italy strangely enough. But it was super nice and definitely worth the trip out there (it is really awkwardly situated bus/train wise). Now we are heading back so I figured I’d write. 

Other stuff this week is I am finally back on the Fellowship grind, and have read like 60 pages this week and it gets easier every day. Right now I am just after the attack on Weathertop and finding anywhere between 3 and 20 words I don’t know per page, down from 30. I am loving it and I should maybe check out getting a library card, it’s a great thing to do when I have time or am studying Slovak. 

Okay, hope you’re all well and enjoying whatever is going on wherever you are. I’m happy to be staying in Trenčín and excited for the future! Who knows what will happen. 

Pictures as usual:

S láskou,

Starší Cundick 

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