My cousin challenged bloggers to post their top 5 favorite toys, and so I’m going to try and do that. Of course, it seems like she was focusing on family toys, and I think I’ll list the ones of mine I like the most. The adult-kid toys. But since I’m incredibly indecisive, I’ll have to split them up into different categories. Oh–and these are just the things I’m playing with right now. Not in any way an “all time” list. And they’re not necessarily in order. Enough disclaimers? So here we go.

Board Games

1–Settlers of Catan–I love this game, and my wife likes to play it, too–which is why it comes in at the top. I also have the 2 player card game version, which is spiffy as well.
2–Ticket to Ride–Easy to play, high replayability, fun for 2 or more. Lots of great reasons to like it.
3–Lord of the Rings Cooperative Board Game–The only game I know where you all get to be on the same team. Way cool.
4–War of the Ring–Incredibly complex, and not for the faint of heart, but there’s something so satisfying about either decimating those puny little hobbits on the other team or sticking it to Sauron.
5–The Farming Game–Who knew growing hay, wheat, corn and cherries could be so much fun?

Video Games

1–Angband–It’s got ASCII graphics, but I think I’ve played more hours of this game than any other game out there. Love it, though I recognize it’s an aquired taste.
2–Hellgate: London–Like Angband, except with demons and 3-D graphics and explosions
3–Super Paper Mario–Fun mechanics, and I can play it with my son.
4–Wii Sports–Nothing says “dominate” like beating your 3 year old son at virtual bowling. Then again, nothing says “pwned” like having your 3 year old son beat you.
5–Guitar Hero III–Played this down in PA. Loved it. Would love to have an Xbox 360 after that experience, too. Good times.


1–Computer–I’m building a new one. Vista or XP–any suggestions?
2–GPS–Just got a basic hand me down version. I want to go geocaching now.
3–Leatherman–Best. Tool. Ever.
4–Kitchenaid Stand Mixes–How did I ever live without one?
5–Hair Clippers–I hate barbers. This makes it so I don’t have to ever go to them. Priceless.

That’s all I have time for for now. I’ll add links in a bit when I have a second again. Update on the rest of my life? I need a Honda Civic. You got one for me to buy?

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  1. ?
    A) I wanted kids toys ideas… but in other news we do have the Farming Game. Drew loves it, I’m tolerating it. 🙂
    B) You went from a Forrester to a Civic? What went wrong?

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