New Car

That’s right. Rose is gone. Traded in. Hasta la vista. Tschuess.

New (as yet unnamed) car is here to stay. The details? 2007 Honda Civic. Blue this time, so I’m no longer being untrue to my BYU roots. There was a crazy good deal at the Ford dealership when we brought our rental car in, and there was this little Civic, sitting there, just traded in as well. Only 4,600 miles on the poor thing, and looking lonely. I’m rather proud of the way I haggled this car down, finally getting them thousands of dollars below Kelley Blue Book. I could sell the car today and make a hefty profit. So this means that I didn’t escape having a car payment, but I also have a car under manufacturer’s warranty for the next 4.5 years (powertrain)–bumper to bumper for the next 2.5 years. And it’s a Honda Civic, only the best rated car around for reliability. And I don’t have to worry about what some previous owner did to the thing. It looks brand new, drives like a charm–even has an input for my iPod to play over the stereo. And we can afford the monthly payments by a good margin. Very good news–I’m very pleased.

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