Update on Family Life in General

My So-Called Life (Complete Series)It’s been a bit since I just generally blogged about what’s going on in my life, so instead of giving you another book or movie review today, I thought I’d do that instead. Here’s the (non-exhaustive) family update:

DC–Talking much more than she used to. Now she’s a little chatterbox who likes to narrate what she’s doing as she walks around the house. Her Slovak is better than her English, but she’s usually pretty good switching between the two languages, depending on who she’s talking to. She loves playing with dolls, doing whatever TRC is doing, and eating candy.

TRC–School’s going really well for him. Did I mention we had a parent teacher conference with his teacher a few weeks ago? Advanced in pretty much everything. The only concern his teacher had was that TRC has a tendency to use a bit of potty humor. (*turn on sarcasm*) I was so surprised that a boy his age would be interested in potty humor. (/sarcasm) We said we’d talk to him about it. Some of being successful in school is knowing how to adapt to your teacher’s style, so it’s something to learn, if nothing else.

DKC–Baking up a storm. She regularly does about 20-25 loaves a week, plus some rolls. We had no idea it would be going this fast this soon. It was a bit daunting at first, but she’s settling into the routine really well now, and she’s really enjoying it. It actually earns her more than her TESOL rating job does. Who knew?

Me–Finished up two small writing projects the past bit, both of which are holiday related. One’s a top secret for my holiday newsletter, and the other is a top top secret for this year’s Groundhog Day. It will be Epic, and I’m really excited for it. Still haven’t gotten the edits for Vodnik, so nothing new on that front for now. In a waiting game until they come, but I have other things to keep me busy, so that’s okay.

And that winds up the stuff I have time to post about today. If there’s anything else any of you are wondering, I’m happy to answer. Just ask me in the comments.

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