Update on the Trip

Let’s face it, folks. Using a German keyboard takes some effort. I’m on a laptop for a few minutes, and I wanted to write an update for all you faithful fans out there. The trip is going really well so far. Travelling to the airport was an adventure. Heavy snowfall most of the way. Remember, “plowing” is a relative term in Maine. The roads to Augusta were plowed enough that we didn’t get stuck, but not exactly clear. One of the few times I’ve really wished I had a car with four wheel drive. But we made it.

ย The flight went smoothly, and the car ride to Heidelberg was relatively uneventful. (Exciting, I know.) Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true. I saved $125 by renting the car from a place away from the airport. The original plan was to take public transportation and then walk there, but thankfully a friend picked us up and drove us over there instead. I only drive stick when I’m in Europe, so it had been a year and a half or so. I only stalled twice before we got on the autobahn. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, the autobahn was pretty easy driving, comparatively. There are no pesky speed limits to worry about, for one thing. Alas, the car I’m driving isn’t exactly an Audi or BMW, but I still managed a respectable 105 mph. I don’t think it goes much higher than that. People were still shooting by me. ๐Ÿ™‚

The kids slept 13.5 hours last night. They only slept maybe a half hour on the plane. They inherited that from me. Denisa, on the other hand, slept maybe 5 hours last night. She just had trouble falling asleep, from what I hear. I fell right to sleep and could still sleep for another 8 hours or so, but here I am, writing to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ On the agenda today is a trip to see the Weihnachtsmarkt at Michelstadt, and maybe a bit of grocery shopping before that. Tomorrow we’ll be seeing Heidelberg and Nuremberg on our way to Munich. Pictures will be taken. I’ll post them when I can.

For an internet addict, it’s strange to be not checking status updates and the news and the weather every five minutes. But my hands aren’t trembling quite as much now. It helps that I have such great food to smooth the transition.Glad I didn’t start my diet just yet.

Oh, and because I’m sure you’re wondering, I watched three movies on the trip: Princess Bride on the bus, and then Bourne Legacy and Total Recall (the new one) on the plane. (Interesting side note: Aer Lingus doesn’t censor their movies on their flights. Just in case you’re going to be sitting next to your son on a flight any time soon.) Bourne was a decent action movie, Recall was a fairly boring photocopy of the original. Both were diverting, however. I’d say 3 stars for the first, 2 for the second. Princess Bride needs no rating. It’s in a class of movie that’s beyond such petty things.

And that’s all I have in me for now.

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