Howdy all. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll officially be on vacation for the next five days. I’ll be back at work on Wednesday, but until then, I might very well just (gasp!) not post. Then again, maybe I’ll take some fun pictures and want to show them to ya’ll. You never know, with Bryces.

Revision update (for those who care): It’s taken me a while to slog through the first four chapters of ParkerBoy, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out, and I think it should start going more smoothly soon. The beginning was the part that had the most need for revision, and the book seemed to get stronger for most readers the farther in they read. So maybe four more chapters to go at most, and then I hope it’s smoother sailing. We’ll see.

Potential big news for DKC fans out there, but I can’t announce that yet publicly. And no, it’s not about a baby, just in case any of you try to read things into my statements. I remember right after we were married, I was in the habit of handing the phone to DKC when I was talking to someone, telling them that she had some “big news.” I never meant that she was pregnant, but nine times out of ten, that’s what people got geared up for. I try to avoid giving people the wrong impression these days, but sometimes I fail. Oh well.

Have a happy Columbus Day everyone, and if you don’t get it off, then I’ll have a happy Columbus Day for you. 🙂

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