Vocal Chord Stress

My voice is killing me. I’ve used it far too much over the past week or so. Usually this is due to me going to sporting events and yelling myself silly. In this case, it’s due to me lecturing too much. Part of my job–not me telling my wife and kids what to do. Anyway, it could use a break, and for some reason, typing right now makes me feel tired. ๐Ÿ™‚

But before I go, I have a question for you that none of you can really answer, most likely. Why don’t people read blogs? I mean, you don’t know–you’re reading a blog right now. But there are people I give my blog address to, who seem to genuinely want to know about what I’m doing in my life, etc.–but they refuse to read it. Not that I’m mad at them or anything, but they usually give me the excuse of “I don’t read anyone’s blogs,” which to me is sort of like when my son takes one look at dinner and says, “I don’t like that.” I don’t mind if you don’t want to read my blog. Really. But if you’re casually sniffing at an entire emerging medium just because you’re too lazy to try it or whatever . . . well that seems a little close minded. At least give it a shot.

Enough preaching to the choir. It’s Friday. I’m outta here.

4 thoughts on “Vocal Chord Stress”

  1. Blog convert
    I’m a recent convert to blogs and a recent convert to yours (I got it through your wife because I love and miss her and it makes me feel more involved in her life by reading your blog). I thought it was a waste of time before. Now I see I know people better and I can talk more intelligently about them and their lives when I see them. I think everyone should join the blog bandwagon. Farrah Keeler

  2. Blogging is fabulous
    This is great stuff. It spares me the burden of actually having to speak directly with people, and instead gives me the opportunity to eavesdrop on their lives without the burden of pretending I really care. And is frees up my Sunday evenings.
    Just kidding Bryce. Talk to you soon. (I think its my turn to call).
    your favorite pirates fan
    P.S. no need to thank us for the gratuitous trade last weekend.

  3. Re: Blogging is fabulous
    Yes, your turn to call, but I’ve been meaning to call you anyway–just never get around to it. Sigh. Sundays have been busy with the ward mission leader calling . . .

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