Hello and welcome to another week of my life. For those of you counting, I’m on week number 1,558 right now, which I’m sure will be just super. Because, you know, it’s . . . even. What did I do with the tail end of week 1,557? I went to the Strawberry Festival in Farmington, Maine, of course. A few points:

  1. There are no strawberries in Maine right now
  2. Eating frozen strawberries does not warrant the need for a festival
  3. If such a festival is to be held, it really should be called Frozen Strawberry Festival
  4. Despite my qualms with the naming of said festival (which didn’t even have that many frozen strawberries present, either), a Fun Time Was Had By All

TRC had a great time watching a magician, and DKC got to find out about the joy of windmills and where she can buy basket weaving materials in the area. DC got a ride in the stroller, and I . . . got some fresh air. ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition, my Saturday was filled with the following: writing 1,000 words, mowing the lawn, fixing the lawn mower, painting a bird house pole, putting up a bird house, getting two mosquito bites, cleaning the garage, making Almond Joy ice cream, getting sunburned and watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox. All in all, a very productive, good day.

So why is it that at the end of the weekend, I felt like I had squandered it?

The problem lies in the point of view. Seen from a reasonable person’s point of view, I was the model of efficiency. Seen from a 16 year old boy’s point of view, I totally missed the opportunity of playing video games and eating Twinkies all weekend. The very definition of Utter Waste.

As most of you know, I write young adult fantasy. Why do I write young adult fantasy? Because my protagonists somehow all turn out that way. Why is that? Probably because I have way too much of a 16 year old boy point of view kicking around inside me. Hence the dichotomy between the reasonable part of me thinking I had a good weekend, and the other part of me screaming that I should resubscribe to World of Warcraft.

Such is my curse. ๐Ÿ™‚

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