Weight Update

Didn’t want to let you all think that I’d given up on weight loss. I haven’t. I’m just on more of a focused maintenance/holding pattern at the moment. As of this morning, I’m still at 193.8. So I think I’m doing a fairly good job of hovering in place, which is a nice feeling. A month ago I was at the same exact weight. All I’m pretty much doing is limiting my calories before dinner to 700 total, fairly consistently. Then I eat a normal dinner and dessert. I have 350 calories of oatmeal for breakfast, a banana as a snack, and then a bagel for lunch. Every day.

Good thing for me I’m a creature of habit. To mix things up now and then, I vary the flavor of bagel.

My hope is that once I’m through with the current slog of busy that’s been keeping my occupied for the last month or two, I’ll be able to have the attention (and willpower) necessary to get the hovering weight down to 190 or so. Just a few pounds–enough so that on the days when I’m up a bit, I’m still under the overweight mark. That’s all I really want. 🙂

But really, I’m overall very pleased with where I am. Now if I can just keep this up indefinitely . . .

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