Welcome to Wal-mart


‘s new story that we’re workshopping, she has a teen vampire go hide in Wal-mart, which seemed ingenious to me.  But what if the Wal-mart greeter were a vampire?  That’s the premise of this week’s episode of Grumpy Old Vampires.  It’s short–go check it out.

And while I’m posting, I’d like to wish my wife a public happy birthday–it was yesterday, but I didn’t post then, so I think this still counts.  We celebrated by going up to Salt Lake to eat dinner with my family, and then had a small party on arriving home.  What did I get her?  Two movies (The Philadelphia Story and Forrest Gump) and some baking pans.  She has some other presents that Amazon has been lax in delivering.  Not too romantic, I guess–but that’s what she wanted.

I assume most of you have already seen Forrest Gump, but if you haven’t seen The Philadelphia Story, then you should stop reading right now–well, after you’ve finished reading my blog–and go get it and watch it.  Cary Grant.  Katharine Hepburn.  Jimmy Stewart.  Directed by George Cukor (who also directed My Fair Lady, Born Yesterday, Adam’s Rib and Gaslight).  Romantic Comedy.  Sure, this might not be persuading you men out there, but trust me–this is a great movie that your wife/girlfriend will love and you will actually enjoy.  Then, all you need to do is pretend that it was a sacrifice for you to watch it, and you’ll get double brownie points.  Actually, maybe I’ll write a more thorough review after we’ve watched it again soon.

Anyway–I’m off to work on my #@%* school work.

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