We’ve Reached the Double Digits!

IMG_0211That’s right, folks: TRC is officially 10 years old, as hard as that is for me to believe. (Maybe the harder thing to believe for me is how far removed from 10 years old I am myself. I remember fourth grade. What friends I had. Teachers. Classes. What my school looked like. How is it that it’s so long ago?)

TRC is turning into a real partner in crime for me. He loves coming with me on any number of expotitions, whether it’s heading down for an author visit in Cape Elizabeth (where I snapped the above picture), going out for a few games of Magic, or just taking a trip to the grocery store to pick up some eggs.

He’s a huge fan of Minecraft. We went from me teaching him how to do basic things to him learning how to make complex machines (a dynamite launcher?) in the blink of an eye. It’s been fun to watch him devote himself to researching the topic–figuring out all he can about how he can improve his skills and find out new ways of gaming the system.

When he isn’t exploring the worlds of Minecraft, he can be found helping out around the house, where he’s taken on more significant duties–like bringing in the wood for the stove, doing some of the dishes, feeding the degus, and being an excellent all-around gopher.

How do I know he’s growing up? He’s becoming harder and harder to beat when I play games against him, and just the other day he started reading Mistborn. He’s halfway through and really enjoying it. The thought of being able to introduce him to so many new books and movies is just plain exciting. It’s one thing when it’s making recommendations to friends online. Getting to experience favorite books and films through the eyes of your son? Epic.

TRC is also a fantastic big brother. The kid looks out for his siblings and really cares about how they’re doing. He’s willing and ready to watch MC when we need him to–and he seems to genuinely enjoy himself when he’s doing it.

Overall, he’s a joy to have in the house. What more can I say?

Ten years. Who’d a thunk it?

Happy birthday, TRC!


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