What Do You Wear to Work?

I’ve written and asked about lots of different things people do: what their schedule is like, what they eat, what they do, etc. But it occurred to me just now that I haven’t asked you all what you wear to work. Why do I wonder this? I’ve been wearing a grey zip-up fleece for when it’s been cold in my office for the last several years (at least), and I’m beginning to think it’s time to switch things up a bit, but I’m not sure what I want to switch to.

At my work there’s not much in the way of a dress code. No shorts. No t-shirts. Outside of that, though, it’s pretty much wide open. I wear blue jeans and a golf shirt to work most days. Every now and then if I feel like I need to be dressier, I’ll wear a long sleeved button down shirt, but I just realized that I haven’t even done that in at least a few years. (Probably around the time I got the promotion to director.)

At campus, you’ll see a wide range of clothing on employees. Some of actual uniforms (like Facilities workers). Some come in shorts and a t-shirt. Some wear suits. Most of it is business casual, including jeans. No complaints from me: I like to be comfortable, and I’m happy I can work at a job where I can wear what I’d probably like to wear anyway. (I switched from button down short sleeve shirts to golf shirts a couple of years ago. They’re great. Lightweight, kind of dressy, and I don’t need to worry about ironing them if I hang them up.)

So that’s me. What about you? What do you wear? Is it by choice, or by requirement? And if you wanted to wear something that’s a bit dressier (but not very) in terms of an extra layer to add on cold days at work, what would you go for?


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