What Simple Things Make You Happy?

I’ll be honest: ever since we bought our new bed, I really love lying down each night when I go to sleep. I know it sounds silly, but it’s like every time, I’m just extremely happy with the choice we made to buy that mattress. Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a total shill, and the mattress isn’t for everyone, but boy do I sleep well on that thing, and it cost half of what another decent mattress would cost. Add to that the fact that Denisa and I have our own, unconnected mattress each, so we don’t feel it if the other person is tossing or turning at night, AND that it’s a king size equivalent, so my feet don’t stick off the end of the bed . . .

It just makes me happy.

So I wanted to try and think of other things that make me happy like that. Simple things. They don’t have to be too elaborate. It’s November, after all. The month of Thanksgiving. And so here’s my list of Simple Things that Make Me Happy:

  • My new bed (see above)
  • Walking through freshly fallen leaves: I love the sound they make and how they smell, and I love how they remind me every time that I’ve arrived at my favorite stretch of the year. Fall into winter. Great holidays. Football. Wood stoves. Mulled cider. Snow days. Good times ahead.
  • My new addition to my house: It all turned out pretty much exactly like I pictured it. I’ve got my huge projection screen, a quiet place to sleep, a great bathroom, a cool loft. I’m continually pleased with how it all ended up, which is good, since I’m up there a lot.
  • Finishing the crossword each day (without looking at the answers). It feels even better in the last half of the week. Sense of accomplishment!
  • Being able to download anything I want on my phone, and not having to delete other stuff to make room for it. Getting the bigger sized storage was totally worth it.
  • Playing Magic the Gathering: Arena. (I probably have too much fun playing this.)
  • Seeing my kids succeed in something they’ve worked hard to achieve.
  • Eating my chocolate banana shake at night when I’m dieting. I look forward to it the whole day. It’s always the same thing, and I always love it.
  • Waking up to a message on my phone telling me it’s a snow day, and I can sleep in, instead.
  • Reading a book or watching a show that’s so good, I decide to sleep less so I can consume more of it. (Though definitely *not* the feeling of waking up the next morning after having done this.)

I’m sure I could go on, but there’s a least a sampling of the little things for me. How about you? What little things make you disproportionately happy?


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