Where’s Bryce

Just found an online version of my senior class picture. No–not me individually. I mean my whole senior class. There’s a lot of us. So–can you find me? I’ll give you a hint, I’m sitting next to Kevin Albert and Aaron I-Can’t-Remember-His-Last-Name-Right-Now-Yes-I-Am-A-Loser. Another hint: I don’t have a beard in this picture, so if you’ve gotten to know me recently, then bonus points to you if you can find me.

I also realize that I look pretty thin in this picture, which is funny, because I have always thought of myself as overweight. This means that either I had a serious weight-perception in high school or I’m quite a bit overweight now (as opposed to just a bit then) or this was a good picture. Then again, it can’t be the last one, because I look so darn bright eyed and bushy tailed I ought to be slapped. In any case–fun times looking it over. Ah, the memories.

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  1. Photo
    Oddly, I found Heather and Tammy first and then thought to look between them. Can’t find me though. Maybe I found a way to skip the photo.

  2. Re: Photo
    No–you’re there, sitting by yourself for some strange reason. (Or maybe you had some other friends I’ve forgotten about.) 7 rows down, 12 from the right. I’ve been looking for Jaimey, and I can’t find her anywhere–maybe SHE skipped out on it. And can you remember Aaron’s last name? It’s on the tip of my tongue . . . (and really bugging me)

  3. Oh my, you all look so little! Kev looks especially emaciated to me and I honestly wouldn’t have recognized you sans beard if you hadn’t given your exact location. It’s too funny!
    Jessica Albert

  4. ok, front row, green shirt? Just above the L?
    The funniest part is all the “long haired hippy dudes” and the hand gestures, did you see the 2 girls with their chins on their hands? One giving the finger?

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