Where’s Bryce

Just found an online version of my senior class picture. No–not me individually. I mean my whole senior class. There’s a lot of us. So–can you find me? I’ll give you a hint, I’m sitting next to Kevin Albert and Aaron I-Can’t-Remember-His-Last-Name-Right-Now-Yes-I-Am-A-Loser. Another hint: I don’t have a beard in this picture, so if you’ve gotten to know me recently, then bonus points to you if you can find me.

I also realize that I look pretty thin in this picture, which is funny, because I have always thought of myself as overweight. This means that either I had a serious weight-perception in high school or I’m quite a bit overweight now (as opposed to just a bit then) or this was a good picture. Then again, it can’t be the last one, because I look so darn bright eyed and bushy tailed I ought to be slapped. In any case–fun times looking it over. Ah, the memories.


  • By Anonymous, August 6, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

    Oddly, I found Heather and Tammy first and then thought to look between them. Can’t find me though. Maybe I found a way to skip the photo.

  • By brycemoore, August 6, 2008 @ 8:06 pm

    Re: Photo
    No–you’re there, sitting by yourself for some strange reason. (Or maybe you had some other friends I’ve forgotten about.) 7 rows down, 12 from the right. I’ve been looking for Jaimey, and I can’t find her anywhere–maybe SHE skipped out on it. And can you remember Aaron’s last name? It’s on the tip of my tongue . . . (and really bugging me)

  • By motabrobb, August 7, 2008 @ 12:27 am

    Too easy!
    I’m usually bad and searching pictures, but there you are right on the front row. First place I looked!

  • By brycemoore, August 7, 2008 @ 10:25 am

    Re: Too easy!
    You win. It even took me about five or ten minutes. There’s a lot of us there.

  • By Anonymous, August 7, 2008 @ 2:41 pm

    Oh my, you all look so little! Kev looks especially emaciated to me and I honestly wouldn’t have recognized you sans beard if you hadn’t given your exact location. It’s too funny!
    Jessica Albert

  • By brycemoore, August 7, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

    Yeah–it was really fun to see what we all looked like back then. I don’t even remember getting the picture taken. Crazy.

  • By Anonymous, August 11, 2008 @ 2:21 pm

    ok, front row, green shirt? Just above the L?
    The funniest part is all the “long haired hippy dudes” and the hand gestures, did you see the 2 girls with their chins on their hands? One giving the finger?

  • By brycemoore, August 11, 2008 @ 3:55 pm

    I missed those the first time–figures. When you have over 800 teens in one place, taking a picture . . .

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