Wii Fit

I have one now. Does that make mii fit? (Sorry–couldn’t resist.) Time will tell. So far I really like it, and it’s the first video game I’ve ever had that actually seems to serve a useful purpose beside developing hand eye coordination. Better yet, my wife really liked it, too–which is a huge plus. If she’ll actually play it with me, and we use it consistently, I’m sure that I’ll get in better shape than I am now. Because anytime running in place makes you tired, you know you’re seriously out of shape. Which I am.

Still, the effects will take a while to be noticed, since I’m leaving for a month and am not taking the Wii with me. But it let me set a goal to be 22 pounds lighter in a year, and that seems to be something I could fix. If only to make my little animated avatar less portly. It’s embarassing. Sigh.

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