Wood and Bugs (Not Wooden Bugs)

Got our first cord of wood this afternoon. We’ve been wanting to get it for some time, but that whole European trip really put a wrench into our wood scheduling, so we’re behind. Such is life. We payed something like . . . $185 a cord, cut split and delivered. A second cord is on its way tonight or tomorrow. We’ll probably get 2-3 more in addition to that, so if any of you out there in the Maine area read that price and winced for us, knowing of a better place for us to buy wood, speak up, dang it! Still, some of the places we called were asking upward of $250, so we feel like we’re not totally getting ripped off.

Guess who’s going to be stacking wood tonight? (And mowing the lawn, and going to a Ward Mission meeting, and . . . just being generally busy)

In other news, we have Mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes. Like, if Neo from the Matrix was in a blank white room and said, “I need mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes,” he’d been whisked off to our backyard, at which point he would start swatting at his neck and arms, shortly before he was sucked into a bloodless carcass. To combat this foe, we are going to install an outdoor electrical outlet, then zap the little buggers to death. Mwa ha ha ha! You gotta love retaliation (as long as the mosquitoes never get opposable thumbs and dynamite, at least). Last year it was exploding mice stomachs, this year it’s electrical mosquito fireworks. Maine has made me into a real bloodthirsty guy, what can I say?

Watched Clear and Present Danger last night. Not as good as Patriot Games, but still three stars. I miss the days when any Harrison Ford movie you went to was going to be good. Once he got that darned earring, it was all downhill for a while. Come on, Indy. An earring? Han Solo wouldn’t wear no earring.

2 thoughts on “Wood and Bugs (Not Wooden Bugs)”

  1. Man, Neo and the Mosquitoes and your backyard just totally made me laugh today. By the way, I’m engaged…I can’t remember if I told you. I’ll need your address soon so I can send you an invite.

  2. Look at you go! No, you hadn’t told me, and I wish you the very best. I assume you’ll be getting married in Maine so I can go? 🙂 Who’s the lucky girl?

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