I’m in all-day Zoom meetings today and tomorrow, so no real time to craft anything noteworthy on the blog. I did take some time this week to figure out just how much I’m on Zoom these days. This week? 37 hours, and nine of those hours I’m in two Zoom meetings at the same time. So when I feel like I’m in one eternal Zoom meeting, I suppose there’s a good reason for that.

All of those 37 hours aren’t just for work. Some are church-related, some were for the online RPG group I did Tuesday evening, but the vast bulk of them are for work. I don’t know how much Zoom the rest of you are doing, but if some of you out there are doing even more than I am . . .

You have my pity.

My current eight hour Zoom fest is launching back up again now. I don’t think I’ll have time to post tomorrow (more Zoom), so have a great weekend everyone. Catch you on Monday.


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