A Spoileriffic Avengers Endgame Review

In case you didn’t see the title, this review about the Avengers Endgame will contain spoilers. The comments are also open season on spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read this review.

Why am I posting spoilers in the review? A couple of reasons. First, I’ve reviewed enough of these Marvel movies that my opinion about them really hasn’t altered much. I like them. They’re the same recipe, for the most part, repeated, and for now that’s fine with me. (See my review of Captain Marvel as the latest example.) So I don’t know of a way to write an interesting response to this current movie without actually getting into the weeds about the movie itself.

Also, it made like over $1.2 billion in the first weekend, leading me to assume that many many of my friends have already seen the movie. So . . . why not really talk about it, instead of dancing around spoilers?

Anyway. I’ve written enough between my warning about SPOILERS and my actual review now that I feel like I can get into the movie. Ready?

I had a blast at the film. Seeing a big movie opening night with a slew of fans is totally the best way to watch a spectacle movie like this. Everyone’s into it. There are cheers. Applause. Gasps. Sobs. It all adds up to a better experience, as I’ve said before. The first movie felt like only half a movie, because it was. It ended on a huge down note. And yes, so did this one, but there was no getting around it, in my book. Characters had to die and stay dead. There needed to be some lasting impact on the Marvelverse.

I was talking to a friend before the movie, and he expressed how little tension he ever felt in a Marvel movie, since none of the characters ever really dies. They might “die,” but then they come back from that certain defeat, stronger than ever. Having Tony die made total sense. Captain America’s “death” . . . I have some qualms about, mainly because it conflicts with the internal consistency of the film’s rules, but as soon as I start to want to talk about that, I remember I just watched a movie that has a talking raccoon and a talking tree in leading roles. So . . . perhaps the film can get away with a bit of fudging the facts.

Really, I just would have suggested Marvel kill off some characters and have them stay dead earlier in the series. I’m not sure that Guardians of the Galaxy was the right vehicle for it, but Groot could have stayed dead in that one. If you don’t leave characters dead, then people keep thinking you’re faking. Even when Tony was actually dying, I kept wondering if he’d just make a sly wink and then get better all of a sudden, and no one wants that to be happening in the middle of an audience’s mind when they’re going for real drama.

It’s a long movie, but it didn’t feel long to me. I loved how they went back to the other Marvel movies to revisit them from new angles. That was a lot of fun. (Though why Tony had to have Antman suggest this to him is a bit beyond me, since Tony was able to solve it after about three hours of deep thought. You’d think he might have tried that a little earlier?)

As with all Marvel movies, it mixed humor and action well, giving us a variety of different types of actions, from guns to karate to magic users and more. (No one-note punchy powers ala DC.) True, they struggled with the power level at times. Captain Marvel shows up and completely blasts through Thanos’s entire ship in about three seconds. Straight through massive metal walls and foes alike. The whole thing blows up. Then she’s entrusted with a metal glove, and Spiderman’s skeptical she’s going to be able to cross a battlefield with it. No worries! Every female Marvel movie has gathered together to help her out. (That felt way to heavy handed . . . until I talked to my daughter after the movie, and she said how it was her favorite part. That’s when I remembered we’re not all hardened movie critics. and Marvel movies aren’t fine cinema. It’s okay to lean a bit heavier on the keyboard when you’re writing some of the scenes, I think.)

In any case, I got more than enough entertainment for my $6. (My condolences, all you people who have to pay ridiculous sums to see movie premiers. I love my town’s local cinema.) I’m very interested to see where Marvel goes next, though I’m skeptical it’ll be anywhere significantly different than where they’ve been before.

I ended up giving the movie a 10/10, despite all the flaws I just listed. I gave it a 10 out of respect to the 22 film arc as a whole. To everything Marvel has done for superheroes, and to the place this movie now holds in the grand scheme of things. I gave a 10 to the amount of enjoyment I’ve derived from all of it over the years. A 10 because it’s a super hero movie, for crying out loud, and it’s one of the best super hero movies I’ve seen, capturing not the gritty rawness of some of the “better” super hero movies (like Dark Knight), but rather the awesomesauce I loved reading and hearing about when I was reading comics growing up.

So . . . that’s what I thought. What did you think?


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2 thoughts on “A Spoileriffic Avengers Endgame Review”


    The part where all the ladies were “not alone” ahhhh #squadgoals! Or Wanda FINALLY being almost as BA ass she is in the comics. Was it perfect, no. Was it AMAZING, yes. Did I participate in a mass gross sobbing event, yes, I believe I did. Am I going to go see it again… YES!

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