Bryce Moore: Personal Website Revised!

Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa Art Print Poster - 24x36 Poster Print by Leonardo da Vinci , 24x36 Fine Art Poster Print by Leonardo da Vinci , 24x36After quite a bit of revision and effort, I’m happy to announce that the new version of my website is up and running. I’ll be adding more to it in the months ahead, but for now, it has all the content my (very) old website had, along with some compiled information on Vodnik–mainly through links to blog entries.

Anyway–now that it’s done, I can turn my attention back to that questionnaire I’m supposed to be filling out for Vodnik, and then it’ll be on to my next round of revisions. Sorry there’s not much of an entry for today. Most of my time has been taken up with putting the final touches on this web revision. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have. If anything’s confusing or irritating about it, let me know! (And if you happen to like anything, that’s always welcome, too. (-:  )

Check it out.

Happy Monday, all!

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