I had high hopes for Iowa. For a while, I was thinking the state was actually pretty cool. I mean, it’s got a song about it in The Music Man, so that’s something, right? Well, Iowa has bugs. Swarms of bugs. Open your hotel door for a second and you have ten thousand bugs in your room bugs. So . . . no thanks, Iowa. But on the plus side, they had a cool German/Amish restaurant I ate at, and that was nice. Oh, and I’m now in Williamsburg, Iowa, by the way. Distance driven today: 619 miles. Distance to go: 1,388 miles. Definitely making progress.

On the down side, there’s something making noises in the back of the rental truck. I wonder what it is, but I’d have to unpack everything to find out. Not going to happen. Opening that rental truck up after 2,800 miles will be like Christmas Morning from Hell. Yikes.

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