Diet Update: Week 2

The diet marches on. This week was a pretty good one, all told. It helped that I didn’t have an Oscar party to pig out at, though we did go to a friend’s house for dinner, and I feel like a pretty big doofus, sitting there weighing my food while everyone else is just eating. Then again, this is the way I diet, and my friends luckily respect that.

But I know you–you just want the digits. I clocked in at 209 this morning, meaning I’ve lost 2.6 pounds since last week, and 5 pounds overall. Take that number with a grain of salt, though–yesterday I was 210.8, so I’m thinking I just got lucky on the scale. Still, it’s definitely a downward trend, and the plateau I was bemoaning last week is nowhere to be seen now.

It also helped that I exercised consistently this time. I’ve got my rowing machine setup in the basement now, and I brought some computer speakers and an iPad stand down with me, so I can basically watch anything I want while I row. So far I’ve been going with Supernatural, and I think I’ll stick with that for a while. Definitely diverting, and I feel like I’m both wasting time watching TV and being superproductive by exercising, all at the same time. Nice. Yesterday I got 850 “rows” in in a half hour. Not great, but it was also my first time I could row straight for all 30 minutes, so yay for that.

I do think exercising and dieting at the same time is having more of an immediate effect, which I suppose stands to reason. I definitely feel more energized having exercised, so that’s a real plus.

As far as overall feeling, I continue to feel good. Hungry, but you get used to that. I’m eating around 1800 calories a day, and that doesn’t feel too hard. It helps that I had all that practice last time I dieted. 🙂 Still haven’t been sick, but again–you can’t read too much into 2 weeks.

Anyway–that’s where I am today. I’ll check in again next week. Thanks for all the words of support, peoples. They’re much appreciated.

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