Diet Update: Week One

One week down. Starting weight was 214. Current weight is 211.6. On the surface, that seems pretty dandy. Then again, I was down to 212 after the first day of dieting, so I’ve been hovering around 212 since almost the beginning, which is never a good feeling.

I know, theoretically, that this is how it goes with diets. There will be plateaus. But it’s a real killer when you try to stick to your diet hard the whole week, and keep seeing no real returns on that effort.

That said, I also wasn’t perfect when it came to my goals. 2000 calories a day? I hit this all but 2 of the days. During the Oscar party, I went over by three or four hundred calories. And yesterday there was a free lunch that bumped me over by a hundred calories or so. So I haven’t been perfect there.

Exercise 30 minutes a day?

Umm . . . I went skiing for three hours on Friday. So I got the exercise time in there. But the rest of the week, I did little more than park as far away as possible from my work, and doing a bit of work on the wood pile. 5 or 10 minutes a day. I need to improve that number a lot.

Currently I’m thinking about moving my rowing machine to the basement, bringing some speakers down, and hooking up my iPad when I’m down there. The machine is noisy enough that I don’t like using it upstairs. It disturbs the rest of the family. The basement should make it so that it only disturbs Denisa, once the kids are upstairs in bed. I could then row for a half hour and watch movies downstairs while Denisa bakes bread. This seems pretty doable, but we’ll see.

Still, 2.4 pounds is 2.4 pounds, and it’s more than where I planned on being at this point.

As far as how I’m feeling, I feel pretty good. I’ve been going to bed earlier, and I’ve felt like I had more energy. But then again, I was quite sick right before this diet. A single week does not a trend make.

Stay tuned to see how this keeps going.

2 thoughts on “Diet Update: Week One”

  1. Well done!

    In one of those obvious truisms that tends to make me feel stupid, I find that if I don’t specifically plan to exercise, it just doesn’t get done. So setting the time and the place aside to do it sounds good.

    Also, I find if you look at exercise as an experiment with what your body can do (G-RATED!), as opposed to a chore you have to do, it becomes significantly more engaging. You also get to shift things when a particular exercise doesn’t work for you.

  2. Yeah. I actually exercised yesterday. Rowing machine for 18 minutes. It’s a start. I set up computer speakers in the basement, so I can hook my iPad up and watch things while I row. My plan right now is to do it when I get home from work each day. We shall see . . .

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